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The New VertiGarden Easy Module

The New VertiGarden Easy Module

VertiGarden Easy Module Starter kit

VertiGarden Easy Module Starter kit

The NEW VertiGarden Easy has all the benefits of the original VertiGarden module, but is simpler in construction. It is more compact with fewer parts, has accessible irrigation and is easier to assemble and plant.

The VertiGarden Easy module is approximately half the size of the original form, being 24cm high x 40 cm wide x 9cm deep. Constructed of high impact plastic, the VertiGarden Easy body is moulded in one part, with 8 separate front panels that simply clip into place. The module itself consists of two grow sections, each of which can take four plants.

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The New VertiGarden Easy
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About VertiGarden

VertiGarden - the Simplest, most Cost effective way to create a Vertical Garden...

Vertical gardening can be a part of every ones gardening experience. The modular system is simple and easy to use and can be tailored to fit any available space. The completely enclosed growing module with built in irrigation creates a very efficient way to grow plants vertically.

Vertical gardening and green buildings have become the "in thing" as we all look to a greener future. Until now, vertical gardening systems have been very expensive, often engineered on a large scale. VertiGarden offers landscapers and home gardeners alike an affordable solution to going vertical.

Any space can be brought to life with VertiGarden.

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