VertiGarden Easy


The VertiGarden Easy has all the benefits of the original VertiGarden module, but is simpler in construction. It is more compact with fewer parts, has accessible irrigation and is easier to assemble and plant. For full assembly instructions and a thorough explanation please download the following documents.

VertiGarden Easy Information

VertiGarden Easy Instructions

Water Tank Instructions


Simple & Robust

The VertiGarden Easy module is 24cm high x 40 cm wide x 9cm deep. Constructed of high impact plastic, the VertiGarden Easy body is moulded in one part, with 8 separate front panels that simply clip into place. The module itself consists of two grow sections, each of which can take four plants.

Easy to plant

VertiGarden Easy can be successfully planted with any size plant, from a seedling to 10cm pot bedding. A multitude of plants can be used, annual, perennial, ornamental and edible. Be sure to consider the location and water needs of the plants when planning your vertical garden.

Special Irrigation

Irrigation is supplied via a designed for purpose irrigation string with in-line drippers and is already pre-fitted to the outside of the module. The drippers are non-regulated and are designed to be used with a low pressure water supply. Irrigation of the module can be via a water tank for 1 to 4 modules, or connected directly to a pressure regulated (1.5 bar) micro drip irrigation system. Irrigation strings can be connected allowing up to four modules (hung under one another) to be watered from one input.

Easy to hang

VertiGarden Easy Modules can be mounted individually or can be "stacked" hanging one under another and linking the irrigation lines. VertiGarden Easy can be mounted on almost any sound vertical surface using the brackets supplied. These are secured with just 2 screws.  Wire spacers are used to hang a second set of brackets at the correct distance from the first, just to make it that much easier for you!      01406 371200

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